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24-Hour Drain Cleaning


Clogged kitchen sink. C.H. Kruse, serving Vancouver WA and Camas WA provides 24-hour drain cleaning services.

If your drain suddenly backs up, it can be an emergency. It can cause water damage, and it can cause dangerous sewer gas to enter the home. That is why C.H. Kruse Plumbing offers 24/7 emergency drain cleaning services to help get the problem fixed as quickly as possible.

What are the Common Causes of Drain Clogs?

Most of the time, drain clogs appear slowly over time. You might have subtle signs, like a patch of grass that is always greener or gurgling noises from your toilet. Tree roots are another problem that can cause you to begin to see signs of a drain clog slowly over time.

Many times, if a drain seems to suddenly have become clogged, it is probably that you have been ignoring the signs along the way. Having a regular inspection and drain cleaning by a professional can help prevent most of these problems from becoming an emergency.

The most common cause of a drain that seems to have clogged suddenly is a pipe that has collapsed. This can happen if tree roots are allowed to penetrate the pipe.

Another thing that can suddenly cause your drain to clog is accidentally flushing something down the drain that you should not. For instance, if your child decides to see what will happen if they flush their toy down the drain, it can cause serious problems. It does happen occasionally.

Experts in Drain Cleaning

C.H. Kruse Plumbing is ready to help solve your clogged emergency any time of the day or night with our 24-hour drain cleaning services. This is the only service that we offer on a 24-hour emergency basis. We have an excellent reputation in the local area and offer competitive pricing.

Our company is family-owned and has been providing excellent services to residents in the Vancouver WA and Portland OR areas since 1980. If you suddenly find water backing into your home, call us and we will send someone out right away. We are local experts to call for your residential plumbing needs.

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