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Plumbing Repair for Refrigerators

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C.H. Kruse Plumbing provides exceptional plumbing repair for refrigerators and ice-makers in Vancouver WA.

When you think of your refrigerator, odds are “plumber” isn’t the next word that comes to mind. But when you’re hooking up a new refrigerator, a plumber is exactly who you should call! That fancy new ice maker in your refrigerator needs to be hooked up to your water line, and if it’s not done properly, it could cause a real headache down the road! C.H. Kruse is here for all of your refrigerator plumbing repair!

Why Does My Ice Maker Need Plumbing?

While ice makers are a relatively new addition to refrigerators, they’re everywhere now! Ice cube trays are old news, and ice makers have become commonplace. But ice makers also need a source of water–and here’s where the tricky part comes in. How are you going to hook up your new ice maker? Is your current plumbing built with a hookup, ready to go? If your house is older than ten years old, chances are that hookup is nowhere to be found!

How Do I Hook Up My Ice Maker?

Whether you’re getting a brand new refrigerator, or replacing an old one, there are two different ways to hook your ice maker to your existing water pipe:

DIY Water Line Tapping Kits:

  1. Find your water pipe
  2. Use a saddle valve to tap into the water supply.
  3. Saddle valves use a piercing needle to get through copper water pipes
  4. Attach the plastic hose.
  5. Attach to your ice maker.

Professional Refrigerator Plumbing:

  1. They’ll find your water pipe, and any possible existing hookups that already exist.
  2. They will create a solid connection by cutting into the water pipe, inserting a “tee”, and properly soldering the connection to prevent leaks.
  3. A new hose or pipe is run from the new connection, but not connected to the ice maker yet.
  4. After flushing water through the new pipes to make sure any remaining debris from soldering is gone, the plumber will then connect the water to your ice maker.

Advantages of Professional Repair for Refrigerator Plumbing

The saddle valves that DIY water line tapping kits come with are flimsy, unreliable, and easily broken. They will need to replaced within a couple of years, and you’ll know exactly when they decide to break: you’ll have a stream of water running from the back of your refrigerator! The reason why plumbers recommend soldering a new connection to your existing water pipe is to prevent leaks and breakdowns–it’s the best way to avoid having problems with your ice maker (or any new line) down the road.

Professional Water Line Tapping

If you’re looking to upgrade your refrigerator, or if you’re renovating your kitchen and moving your current refrigerator, give C.H. Kruse a call. We can tap your water line quickly and professionally, making sure you have a leak-free ice make for years to come!

We also diagnose and repair slow ice makers, clogged water lines, and any other complications with your ice maker. Contact C.H. Kruse today!

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