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Residential Frozen Pipe Repair

Frozen pipe repair in Vancouver WA - C.H. Kruse Plumbing

During the fall and winter seasons, cooler temperatures mean the possibility of pipes bursting. Homeowners throughout Vancouver WA need to make sure they avoid plumbing problems resulting from cold temperatures. At C.H. Kruse, we can help you protect your pipes, and we will handle plumbing repairs if you experience damage from frozen pipes.

Signs Your Pipes are Frozen

If your faucets stop working during the winter months and you’re not sure why, it’s likely that the issue is frozen water inside them. Another possible sign of freezing pipes is the development of frost around pipes.

Three major signs your pipes are frozen include:

  • Faucets or hose bibs/spigots stop working
  • Frost development around pipes and spigots
  • Water is leaking from pipes

Frozen pipes can ultimately result in cracked pipes, or worse, burst pipes. If your pipes become damaged, it is crucial to contact the plumbers of C.H. Kruse immediately. Our journeyman plumbing contractors will replace cracked pipes to quickly and effectively resolve the issue.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

The best way to prevent frozen pipes in your home is to avoid exposing any pipes to air that is at temperatures below freezing. Luckily, preventing frozen pipes is fairly simple with some of these tactics:

  • Keep your heat turned on, especially if you will be away from your home for a period of time.
  • Let water drip from your faucets.
  • Put insulation sleeves or insulation tape over pipes.

Those living in the Vancouver WA area need quality plumbing contractors available to handle frozen pipe bursts when they arise. At C.H. Kruse we can repair or replace your pipes so that proper functioning of your plumbing system is restored. Contact us today!

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Frozen Pipe Repair in Vancouver WA and Portland OR

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