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Main Water Line


Main Water Line Replacement Vancouver WAHomeowners experiencing low water pressure, higher than normal water bills, and possibly water pooling in their yard may be experiencing main water line failure. A main water line leak if left unrepaired can also lead to additional problems for the homeowner including damage to the foundation of their home. If you believe that you are having a problem with your main water line, it is time to call the residential plumbing services of C.H. Kruse Plumbing of Vancouver WA.

What Is A Main Water Line?

The main water line is the pipe that connects your home with the local water system. It is what provides your home with fresh water and keeps the pressure level high enough so that you can use your water with ease. When you experience main water line failure, your only option is to call a plumber. Luckily, the journeyman plumbers of C.H. Kruse have decades of experience with a strong reputation amongst many long standing customers.

Why the Main Water Line To House Is Leaking

There are many reasons that you may need a main water line repair. The water line can be damaged by:

  • Tree Roots
  • Structural Stress
  • Cold Temperatures Resulting in Frozen Pipes
  • Soil Erosion
  • Wear & Tear of older piping systems

Main Waterline Replacement

The residential plumbing services of C.H. Kruse offer affordable main water line repair. Instead of the messy and expensive process of digging up your water line and then replacing it, we offer trenchless water line replacement services.

Plumbing technologies have advanced, and when the main water line to house is leaking, we can put in a new water main quickly and inexpensively using trenchless technology. Your main water line leak will be repaired within a day and the damage to your yard will be minimalized.
[Link to Trenchless Water Line Repair]

You should not have to place your home or yourself at risk because of a water leak. You can have your main water line repaired with limited cost and time – contact C.H. Kruse Plumbing today!

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