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Main Water Line Replacement


Main Water Line Replacement Vancouver WAYour main water line works to bring a fresh and constant supply of water to your home. While your main pipe can last several years, it’s not immune to damage or decay and will eventually need to be replaced.

Water lines, especially older ones can be damaged by:

  • Tree Roots
  • Structural Stress
  • Cold Temperatures Resulting in Frozen Pipes
  • Ground movement
  • Wear & Tear of older piping systems
  • Mineral buildup

If you’re having issues with your water line, you should not ignore it. Your water supply can become contaminated, it can shut-off, or it can lead to sky-high water bills. At C.H. Kruse, we specialize in main water line repairs and replacements. Our team will locate your water line, diagnose the problem, and perform any repair services that are needed. We use the best equipment and tools to fix all of your main water line issues expertly.

Signs You Need Main Water Line Replacement

  • Low water pressure
  • Increased water bills
  • Soggy areas in your yard
  • Discolored water

If your water line has been damaged, you’ll want to contact a professional immediately. Failing to fix the problem in a timely manner may result in poor water quality, leaks, mold growth, and pest infestations.

Modern Main Water Line Repair

When you need your water line repaired or replaced, you generally have two options: traditional and trenchless. The traditional method involves digging a trench in your lawn and replacing the damaged pipe, whereas trenchless technology doesn’t involve extreme labor or digging. It’s more affordable, fast, and environmentally friendly.

The pipe bursting trenchless method is great for replacing damaged water lines. During this process, a spear-shaped bursting head tool is attached to the opposite end of a new pipe and is fed through the damaged pipe using a cable. As the old pipe fractures, the new one is pulled into position.

Main Water Line Repair in Clark County WA

If you suspect your main water line is compromised, turn to C.H. Kruse. We have decades of experience with a strong reputation amongst many long standing customers and we serve the greater Portland OR and Vancouver WA metro area with main water line repair and replacement services. We can have your main line up and running again within a day, with very minimal damage using trenchless technology.

You should not have to place your home or yourself at risk because of a water leak. You can have your main water line repaired with limited cost and time. So contact C.H. Kruse Plumbing today to schedule your service!

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Main Water Line Repair in Vancouver WA and Portland OR

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