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Trenchless Water Line Replacement


Exterior of beautiful home with lush green lawn. CH Kruse Plumbing provides Trenchless Water Line Replacement services in Portland OR and Vancouver WA.

A broken water main can lead to many problems. Not only will it cause your water bill to rise, but you’ll also experience lower water pressure and could experience damage to your lawn and foundation.

In the past, replacing the main water line was expensive and messy, and the process could take several days. Now, trenchless water line replacement has become the preferred way for water service line replacement. If you believe you have a water main break, or if you need the plumbers of C.H. Kruse to examine for damage, contact us today!

What is Trenchless Line Repair?

Trenchless water line replacement allows the professional plumbing service to dig a small hole near the water line connection at your home and another one at the main water connection. The plumber uses special equipment to “tunnel” the new water service line replacement between the two holes instead of digging a trench.

Once the new line is tunneled through, your water is reconnected, and service is restored. Trenchless water line repair is quick and very cost-effective. It also prevents serious damage to your landscaping by having to dig up the old water line and limits the time your home does not have running water.

What Are the Benefits of Trenchless Water Line Replacement?

If you’re considering trenchless water line replacement, then here are some unique benefits it provides over traditional water line replacements.

  • Ideal for both water line or pipe repairs
  • Affordable
  • Quick installation
  • Clean installation
  • Helps prevent future problems

Uponor AquaPEX® Plumbing Systems for Plumbing

At C.H. Kruse, we’re proud to use Uponor AquaPEX® Plumbing Systems for our trenchless water line replacement projects. Uponor PEX has been setting the standard for PEX tubing for over 20 years. Their PEX tubing is flexible, highly durable, and easy-to-install. It also offers the highest degree of crosslinking, it’s kink-resistant, as well as freeze-resistant — so it’s great for both homeowners and businesses. Uponor AquaPEX tubing isn’t metal so it will not corrode or scale so you never have to worry about lead concerns. Below is a complete list of the advantages of Uponor AquaPEX® Plumbing Systems compared to copper and CPVC.

  • Requires minimal connections
  • Uses 58% less tubing
  • Provides quick delivery of hot water
  • Expands 3x its size to help prevent freezing damage
  • Resists condensation
  • Resists corrosion, scaling, and pitting
  • Doesn’t require the use of chemicals or solvents for connections
  • Provides a lead-free system
  • NSF International certification
  • Backed by a 25-year limited warranty

Because Uponor AquaPEX® is so flexible, it’s faster and easier to install, saving an incredible amount of labor time and generating more savings for you.

Affordable & Professional Water Service Line Replacement

If your home is experiencing a water leak in the main water line, it is important that you do not delay scheduling plumbing repair. Neglecting to have your water line repaired will lead to damage, cause mold growth, and attract pests.

C.H. Kruse Plumbing of Vancouver WA is the right choice for your trenchless water line replacement. Our professional plumbing team will replace your main water line quickly and restore your water service to its full capacity. In most cases, we can have this type of repair completed within a day. We are proud to offer affordable and quality service when replacing water mains.

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Trenchless Water Line Replacement in Vancouver WA and Portland OR

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